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Welcome To Our Company Canadian Steel Export Corporation is a leading exporter of Steel products for diverse industrial applications since its incorporation in 1984. We enjoy a reputation of providing our customers with requisite quality at right price backed by prompt and reliable service. Our Products Range The range of products at Canadian Steel Export Corporation include cold & hot rolled sheets, coils, galvanized sheets and coils, Stainless steel sheets and coils of different specs, special compositions. We also supply used/ reconditioned steel mill machinery, other steel mill equipments and supplies. Overall Vision To be a globally admired customer centric organization that enhances the quality of life of all employees and stakeholders through sustainable business development in the domain of industrial steel and related products. Mission Statement We aspire to achieve business excellence in the steel Industry through: Being a Customer Centric organization serving global customers with the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation Optimum utilization of all available resources Efficient and effective procedures and practices right through the supply chain Adopt the highest ethics and standards of operations Hiring, developing and retaining the best people for maximum returns while ensuring positive impact on the community Cold Rolled Coils & Sheets: This products is available to customers under different specs of thickness, size and quality adhering to diverse standards. Hot Rolled Coils & Sheets: This products is available to customers under different specs of thickness, size and quality adhering to diverse standards including slit coils. Galvanized Sheets & Coils: This specs cover steel sheet, zinc-coated by the hot-dip process in cut lengths or coils as per client's requirements. Pre-painted and printed sheets are also supplied. Stainless Steel Coils & Sheets: This products is available under different specs of thickness & size in AISI 206, 301, 304, 316, 409 and 430 series ETP Sheets & Coils: Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP) Coils are made from Black Plate through a tin coating process in varying thickness, width, length, package weights, tampers and finishes. Electrical Steel: is specially tailored steel produced with certain magnetic properties, such as a small hysteresis area (small energy dissipation per cycle) and high permeability.
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