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WELCOME TO HEROS SLUISKIL With approximately 90 employees, Heros is located next to the canal from Ghent to Terneuzen in Zeeland (NL). Our core business is processing bottom ash from municipal incineration. Besides that, we also have installations to process ferrous and nonferrous scrap and for waste water treatment. Sustainable thinking and acting At HEROS ‘sustainability’ means a continuous focus on maximum recovery of valuable products, from building materials to metals, in order to bring these products back to the economy. Urban Mining we call it. HEROS FERRO Ferro-sounding quality products for the steel industry As a processor of ferrous scrap from incineration, we upgrade the quality by taking out all kinds of contamination, such as remaining ash, unburned materials and copper for example, by sieving and sorting in our dedicated installation. Pure ferrous products from fine to coarse With decades of experience in the recovery of new raw materials, Heros produces high quality ferrous products. What remains after processing is pure scrap in several fractions. Each product has its own specific requirements. Heros provides various groups ranging from extra fine (starting from 6mm) to coarse (above 80mm). The purity varies per fraction up to 98%. Final products are free of copper containing elements, but also combustion slag and closed objects. Copper containing elements we take out: copper wire and electric motors, sorted according to quality. This provides a clean final product with a constant content of copper. With closed objects, we mean separate gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, but also fridge pots, free of coolant, to be processed as cutting scrap. No matter which ferrous product you are looking for, our specialists are ready to provide you with the right advice and a good price. Logistically, you also benefit from our convenient location at the Ghent-Terneuzen canal. In addition, we provide all the facilities for transhipment via vessels and containers.
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