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Iberian TradeLink
Iberian TradeLink is based in Malaga, Spain. We are global Commodity Traders and brokerage. We also represent various manufactureres, refineries, mills, distilleries and end sellers with direct access to their products such as Vegetable Oils, Sugar, Portland Cement, Metal Scrap Petroleum Derivatives and Raw Materials. Our brokerage connects worldwide businesses with prospective partners from around the world. We also serve as import export agents and as resource for trade information. We're able to link buyers and sellers globally, brokering trades and or sourcing products within our collaborating networks of manufactures and producers. We are committed to providing our clients with quality products and services offered with dedication, honesty, product knowledge and professionalism and we are consistently looking to add value to our services to optimize client satisfaction. About Us : Over the years we have built strong trading agreements with associates throughout the world representing various commodities, services, products and suppliers. We pride ourselves on the level of service and expertise we can offer. Our core business principles encompass transparency, integrity, respect and understanding. We value all new business and understand that you have a choice to work with any and as many groups you choose, therefore in order to earn your trust to allow us the opportunity to work with you we are prepared to go the extra mile. We are fully aware that we will not always be able to work with the end user of a product therefore we welcome the opportunity to work with other Brokers and Intermediaries to successfully close a deal and benefit together. We value partnerships and we feel is an important strategy of any company to be able to collaborate and work with partners in synergy for the mutual benefit of all parties.. Our preference is to the end user but we are happy to work with other brokers and mandates and welcome the opportunity to all that are prepared to carry out the correct due-diligence needed to qualify a buyer and or seller. All we ask from other brokers or intermediaries is not to offer chains, ensure that any introduction is suitable qualified and for you to work well and diligently and step back at the right time to allow the business to be concluded between "End Buyer" and "End Seller", but still keeping a hand in the deal and being informed of the progress. Metal Scrap: We represent various major scrap yards with offices in Spain and associates in different parts of the world in Central America, USA, Russian Federation, S. Africa and Asia. We can provide Ferrous and Non Ferrous Scraps such as HMS 1&2, Shredded steel, Used Rails etc. We are interested in purchasing scrap vessels for demolition any size and condition. We have Cash buyers in our group who can make speedy payments on any interesting purchases. Please contact us direct with full information on the vessel to scrap.
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1 location in Marbella, Spain
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Iberian TradeLink deals in:
  • 30 types of Ferrous, including Auto Cast
  • 9 types of Aluminium, including Alloy Wheels
  • 9 types of Copper, including ISRI Talk 1 more categories and 1 more materials.
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