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Welcome to GLE Scrap Metal GLE Scrap Metal performs environmentally-friendly processing and recycling of all base and precious metals. Our core zero-landfill policy helps to utilize natural resources and conserve energy. We are Michigan and Florida’s premier scrap metal and electronic recycler, and supply domestic mills and global end-users with wide ranges of raw commodities to be transformed into new product. GLE Scrap Metal is a fully licensed and insured scrap metal processor and recycler. We have retail centers purchasing from the general public, a fleet of vehicles and containers servicing industrial clients, and material handling and processing equipment to service other metal recycling companies. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help your business to economically maximize the value of your excess materials in a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly fashion. GLE Scrap Metal History Great Lakes Electronics Corp., founded by Nathan Zack in 2000, began its humble operations in a garage where old computers were torn down and recycled. Since that time, the company has grown across the U.S. with multiple locations and hundreds of employees. In 2004, the Zack family decided to diversify into the ferrous and nonferrous recycling industry, and GLE Scrap Metal (GLE) was born. As a full-service, all-in-one recycling company with operations throughout the U.S., GLE currently recycles over 250 million pounds of scrap metal each year, and is focused on increasing recyclable tonnage in the years ahead. GLE employs a top-notch logistics team that handles its expansive fleet of trucks as well as equipment for jobs of any size, at any facility. The hard-working, dedicated GLE staff takes great pride in honest, upfront service. We strive to build long-term relationships while providing safe, environmentally friendly service. We’re proud of the fact that our customers are treated with respect, and we offer top dollar for their scrap, whether it weighs one pound or one million pounds. GLE’s mission is to safely and efficiently consume and produce a high quality product while always being environmentally responsible. We thank our customers and employees for helping this mission drive our success. Together we’ve made GLE Scrap Metal one of the leading recyclers in the industry. Material Recycled Electronics GLE Scrap Metal will pick up, package, and remove all outdated electronic equipment from your business. The material will then be sorted, separated, inventoried, and all data will be deleted or destroyed prior to being processed. We will issue a certificate of recycling and/or destruction with a receiving report of all outdated assets shipped. We will environmentally responsibly indemnify your business from all future pollution liability. PC / Workstation / Laptop CRT / LCD Monitor / Terminal Printer / Copier / Fax / Scanner Server / Storage / Mainframe Networking / Telecom UPS / Battery back-ups Point of Sale Anything with a battery or cord! "Our computer asset management services provide the full, single-source, complete solution for just about any company, government entity, school and organization's need." Ferrous Metals GLE Scrap Metal's experienced staff monitors market conditions to insure fair payment for your various grades of ferrous scrap. Customers can deliver ferrous material for instant payment to any one of our locations. Our Fleet of trucks and containers are at your service if you would like us to transport your ferrous scrap to our facility. Our state certified scales and advanced computer systems insure proper grading and accurate weights. We pay in full, and on time. We buy nearly everything consisting of metal but please see our Ferrous Criteria section below for more details. WHAT WE BUY Appliances (no Freon bearing) Sheet Iron Cast Iron Bushling Steel Chips, Shaving, or Turnings Motor Blocks Rotors HMS Unprepared Iron Rebar “We offer a clean environmentally-friendly yard that is safe and filled with dedicated professional staff wanting to help you. We will get you in safely and paid promptly.” WE DO NOT PURCHASE AUTOMOBILES. Non-Ferrous Metals Non-ferrous scrap is a primary component of our business. We specialize in buying, processing and selling non-ferrous metals. We have a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of all customers. Our experienced and dedicated staff can assist businesses and individuals with metallurgical analysis, proper scrap handling and storage. Our staff thrives on service. Assisting customers with: rolloff containers, bins, hoppers, drums and/or gaylords to reduce handling costs and safely increase productivity. Individuals are welcome to bring scrap metals to our convenient drive-thru. We have competitive pricing, personal service and state certified scales. The environment is our main priority. Copper Aluminum Copper Coils Brass Lead Diecast Aluminum Stainless Steel Batteries Cans Transformers Electric Motors Aluminum Shavings Insulated Aluminum Radiators Alloys Electric Meters Water Meters Insulated Wire Figure 8 Cable Heater Cores High Grade Metals Wire Wheels “Whether you have one pound or 100,000 we treat all of our customers with respect and we appreciate your business.”
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SUMIT IMPEXaluminum scrap tense psic cai/psi/a01/08/06/2018 dt: 06/08/2018 of cayley aerospace inc. u.s.a.IN 
SUMIT IMPEXheavy melting scrap isri 200-206 psic cai/psi/a02/02/22/2018dt.22/02/2018 of cayley aerospace inc. usaIN 
SUMIT IMPEXaluminum scrap tense psic cai/psi/a01/08/06/2018 dt: 06/08/2018 of cayley aerospace inc. u.s.a.IN 
SUMIT IMPEXheavy melting scrap isri 200-206 psic cai/psi/a02/02/22/2018dt.22/02/2018 of cayley aerospace inc. usaIN 
SUMIT IMPEXaluminum scrap tense psic cai/psi/a01/08/06/2018 dt: 06/08/2018 of cayley aerospace inc. u.s.a.IN 
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