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About Us Incepted in 2009, JMS Overseas was founded by Mr. Soni Goyal, an expert in International Trade and steel fabrication and Mr. Hitesh Goyal a Mechanical Engineer from Bits Pilani and an ex Mercedes Benz Research and Development employee. With the intent to manufacture and supply goods with long life, excellent durability in extreme conditions, and superior quality finish, we are working with new cutting edge machineries, advance manufacturing technologies, practices and principles to reduce the lead time and be cost effective at the same time. Our several automations done as in house experiments have actually made our manufacturing processes less labor intensive, which has led to significant cost savings and less prone to human error. Our plant has been designed as per the principles of lean manufacturing, which again has reduced our labor dependency and simultaneously has considerably helped us in reducing lead time. Continuous customer support has enabled us in becoming a pioneer in the rubber moulding industry and steel fabrication industry. Within a very short span of 3 years JMS has gained tremendous appreciation and recognition in Middle Eastern and African Markets. Our clients are organizations of high repute. With our competence to process improvements, commitment to innovation, quality control and customer service we have been able to expand rigorously and reach a dominant position in our product category. OUR AIM Our aim is to become a popular and most sought after resource amongst our existing and potential customers across the globe seeking top quality spare parts from India.
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SIC 9999 -
1 location in Delhi, India
1 more location
6 - 10 total employees
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JMS OVERSEAS is a member of 0 industry associations and has 1 certifications.
17 companies rated the overall trustworthiness of JMS OVERSEAS.
JMS OVERSEAS deals in:
  • 2 types of Ferrous, including Busheling
  • 1 type of Stainless Steel - Stainless
  • 1 type of Batteries - Nickel Cadmium batteries 3 more categories and 1 more materials.
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