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Recycling Made Easy! Durable Metal, LLC is here to help you recycle your scrap metal quickly and easily. We're here to pay you for your scrap metal. Our customers include HVAC dealers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, builders, contractors, machine shop owners, residential property owners, and more. We offer a special dealer pricing. About Durable Metals, LLC. Durable Metals is a family owned and operated business going back 3 generations, with 75 years of experience. As a family business we strive to insure customer satisfaction, and maintain professionalism at all times. A company you can trust While Durable Metals is a smaller scrap yard, its a yard you can trust. Our competent and friendly staff is here to meet the needs of the costumer and agree upon the highest pricing. A matter of honor There are no service charges or hidden fees when renting containers or roll-offs from us! Durable Metals name has a long history behind it, going back more than 50 years. Durable Metals holds itself to the highest standards and upholds honor and respect at all times. Cash for your copper Whether you've gotten your copper from a rehabbing project, an auto yard, or broken appliances, Durable Metals, LLC wants it! We'll pay you on the spot for your scrap copper. It's that easy! Copper items we recycle We care about you and our community! Copper wire Copper tubing Copper No. 1 Copper No. 2 Insulated copper Copper solids Copper chips Copper chops Make Money off Your Scrap Aluminum Durable Metals, LLC is here to turn your scrap aluminum into cash! We're a locally owned and operated company with strong ties to the local community and we're here to help you! If you have any scrap aluminum, give us a call. We can pick up your scrap aluminum within the next 48 hours! Look closely for scrap aluminum Aluminum is such a commonly used metal that it can be overlooked. When we think aluminum, we may think soda cans or kitchen foil, but everything from bike frames to golf clubs can be made of aluminum. Look closely, you may have more scrap aluminum than you thought! Aluminum items we recycle There are no service charges when you sell your scrap metal to Durable Metals, LLC. Aluminum cans and sheets Extruded aluminum Painted aluminum Dirty aluminum Aluminum wheels Aluminum foil and siding Alloys and cast aluminum Aluminum breakage Insulated aluminum We accept both yellow and red brass Brass is an alloy of different metals. Basically, the copper content of the brass determines if it is considered yellow or red. Often, it's hard to tell the difference by sight alone. Luckily, Durable Metals, LLC accepts both so you don't have to guess! Brass we're interested in Durable Metals, LLC will pay you on the spot for your scrap brass! Call today for more information. Brass shells Foundry brass Hard brass Red and yellow brass found in: Faucets Plumbing Machinery Red brass commonly found in: Plumbing fixtures Valves Gears Turnings Where to find scrap steel Steel is a very important metal in our society and scrap steel can be found in various places. Commonly, steel is found in industrial applications, but automobiles, appliances, machinery and structures are also very good sources of steel. Kinds of steel we're interested in Sheet Metal Heavy Iron Cast Iron Bushling Motor Blocks
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1 location in Tempe, United States of America
2 - 5 total employees
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