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President and founder Steve Cullen first became aware of the imported 401 German built silage bagging machine in 1977, at 22 years old, while doing construction work on a diary farm in the Pacific Northwest. At the time, there were only three of these machines in the US. Being mechanically-minded, he took a keen interest in the machines and process of bagging silages. Recognizing the inefficiencies in the current bagging models and the need to fit different size operations, Steve founded Walluski Western Ltd (later Versa Corporation) innovating the machine’s design for improved longevity and reliability. In 1987, Steve developed the first-ever highest HP bagging machine trademarked the Versa Bagger Custom King and began to market it on his own. The Custom King was adopted early on by custom operators and large dairies who understood the true benefits of bagged sealed feed, and they still use it today. Versa listens closely to its customers, and that is key in the continued innovation of the bagging machine. Now Versa Corporation has an extensive line of Versa Bagger models for all operation sizes as well as other products for handling, hauling and processing. Versa, with more innovative silage bagging patented technology, insures the latest bagging methods and uses for its customers. Versa is known for making the best packed bags on earth and now accounts for the most tons of silage bagged in the world.
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1 location in Novi Sad, Serbia
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Versa Corp deals in:
  • Batteries
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