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AuctionIndia is India's first business to business auction site. We provide superior customer value by using dynamic pricing based solutions i.e. 'auctions' to create an online marketplace for industrial assets. Auctions apart, our site also brings together buyers and sellers through a comprehensive listing and asset matching facility. AuctionIndia also offers procurement solutions through the medium of reverse or purchase auctions. Buyers are thereby able to source and procure their requirements from a wide range of suppliers at prices competitively driven down. Our online presence supported by a strong pan India infrastructure and sales force is instrumental in finding solutions for all our customers' needs. AuctionIndia was launched in the year 1999. is owned and run by M/s TVS Electronics Limited. Services Disposal Auctions : Sellers work closely with a team of experts to arrive at a comprehensive asset disposal solution. Details are available for viewing twenty-four hours a day, three sixty-five days a year, anywhere in the country or the world. The online auction has been developed to work along with current disposal mechanisms such as sealed tenders, for maximum realization. Purchase Auctions: Procurement of Materials and Services online : An online Purchase auction is a very effective tool in the hands of Materials/Purchase Department to reduce the Procurement cost in todays highly cost competitive environment. Typically, any high value Purchase, be it a Material or a Project or a Service, one time or recurring, can be procured through an online bidding event. It brings about a great deal of transparency, competition through dynamic pricing, convenience and savings in time and life cycle cost for both the Buyer and the Seller. How it works Auctionindia works with the Buyer to draw out detailed technical terms which form the basis of the Prequalification process for identifying the potential Bidders. Any quality standards that the Buyer specifies will be taken into consideration to prequalify the bidders. Auctionindia will also provide the complete profile and credentials of the potential bidder to help the Buyer decide on accepting them as a new vendor. These vendors will be registered online after the verification of their quality standards. Present suppliers who already meet these conditions will also be called to bid in the online process. Extensive supplier identification efforts would go into contacting the bidders both National and International, depending on the specific requirements of the Buyer and the market dynamics. Based on a target price that the Buyer specifies, the start price and bid decrements are worked out and put for auction preview for atleast 10 days in advance from the day of the auction. Extensive training of bidders and mock auctions are conducted with confirmed bidders who have prequalified themselves purely on technical capabilities. We make sure that effective participation in the online process ultimately drives down the cost as well as speed up the decision making process. All this at a cost which will be a fraction of the savings you could obtain from the Purchase Auction Process We welcome you to contact us for appropriate and customised solutions for all your Procurement Needs. If you require any further information about our customised solutions, please contact any of our nearest point.
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1 location in Chennai, India
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Auctionindia deals in:
  • Ferrous
  • Batteries
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