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Welcome to Taaj Overseas! Welcome to the thriving world of Taaj Overseas, one of the leading traders, importers and exporters of metal scraps. Our company is one of the leading importers and indenting agents for ferrous and non ferrous metals scrap. We have a unique analysis and relationship based foundation that has become our trademark in the global marketplace. We have adapted our organization to reflect global changes in politics, economics and technology. Our company supplies one of the best quality products as they are checked under strict quality conditions. We have an efficient team of employees which is highly skilled to handle all our operations effectively. Our infrastructure is incorporated with all the latest technology which is enough to ensure our standards. We not only supply our products in our nation but to the other major countries in the world as well. Our company is a total customer driven company and all our actions are directed towards the satisfaction of our customers. We supply top class products to our customers and that too at quite reasonable prices. We also take care to provide prompt and reliable services to our customers. Furthermore, we aim to increase our list of clientele by serving each and every client of ours with utmost care. Moreover, our company is identified for its high class business ethics and quality products. Customer satisfaction is backbone of our success in this field. Precisely for these reasons, today we are reckoned as one of the most reputed non ferrous importers as well as exporters in this country. Products Products at Taaj Overseas! Confirming to our client specifications and/or ISRI standards we offer various items such as electric motors, sealed units, red brass - ebony, yellow brass - honey, electric motors scrap, sealed units scrap, stainless Steel grades 304 & 316 solids, turnings and re-usable materials, aluminum sheets - taint/tabor, extrusions grade 6063 & 6061, aluminum castings - tense, aluminum radiators, cast iron, P&S, HMS 1&2 (200-206) and Shredded Steel (210-211). Products at Taaj Overseas! Non Ferrous Aluminium: Taint / Tabor (Old Sheet) 6063 Extrusions Tense (Castings) Troma (Wheels) Insulated Wires Radiators Copper: Copper # 1 Copper # 2 Insulated Wires Electric Motors Sealed Units (Compressors) Radiators Brass: Honey (Yellow) Ebony (Red) Stainless Steel: Grade 304 420 Series Scrap Metal Recycling The properties of metals provide unique benefits and advantage for their recycling. Unlike other recycled materials, such as paper and plastic, metals can be repeatedly recycled without degradation of their properties. Metals from secondary sources are just as good as metals from the primary sources. Practiced since ancient times, scrap metal recycling embodies the spirit of sustainable development. That is, "development, which meets the requirements of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs," as defined by the World Commission on Environment and Development. Recycling widens the efficient use of metals and minerals, reduces pressures on landfills and incinerators, which results in significant major energy savings compared to primary production. The recycling of scrap metals has been in practice since ancient times and today it has become a multi-billion dollar business across the world. The recycling companies collect the metal scrap from individuals, machine shops, manufacturers, government entities, and other industries. Scrap metal is composed of several items that include, - aluminum cans, used pipe, automobiles, appliances, sheet metal buildings, pots, computer components, pans, bicycles, lawn furniture, copper wire, obsolete equipment, old structural steel building frames, tin cans, etc. Recycling is beneficial in two ways: it reduces the inputs (energy and raw materials) to a production system and reduces the amount of waste produced for disposal. These recycled metals have found uses in the production of automobiles, structural steel, aluminum siding, and toys. According to experts, every time a ton of steel is recycled, 2500 pounds of iron ore, 1000 pounds of coal and 40 pounds of limestone are preserved.
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1 location in Surat, India
11 - 25 total employees
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