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Next Metal, a subsidiary of Pole Recycling SUEZ, located in Isigny-le-Buat (50), is specialized in the activities of recycling and recovery of waste copper and aluminum cables as well as in non-ferrous metals. Next Metal transforms the end of life metals recycled raw materials for cable manufacturers, smelters and refiners. Recycling and material recovery Specific equipment for compaction, shearing or grinding, promote recovery of all metals. The expertise, industrial means used, the network of approved platforms, analysis tools, enable Next Metal sort, analyze and prepare the products and to ensure their quality. Purchase / sale Present in France and abroad, Next Metal transforms a source of cost source of profits, valuing and selling of scrap metal industries, SME / SMI, Craftsmen, Local Government. Most of Next Metal A commercial responsiveness: response within 24 hours and real-time monitoring of the LME price Non-ferrous metal quality on demand (shears, compacted ..) Of shot up to 99.9% purity: quality controls at different stages of the process allowing control of content secure supplies and massified A strict respect of customer specifications Product traceability: sampling at different stages of the process Deliveries in bulk or in big bags A wide range of products Non-ferrous metals cables shot Plastic
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1 location in Maidenhead, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
1,001 - 5,000 total employees
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SUEZ RECYCLING AND RECOVERY UK LTD is a member of 1 industry associations and has 0 certifications.
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