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Charles Muddle Ltd is one of the biggest independent scrap metal processing companies in the south east. We have invested heavily on modern machinery and vehicles to maximise productivity in a safe and efficient manor.We come highly recommended by our supplies; this is down to the personal and efficient service we provide. Make the most of your valuable ferrous scrap in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. Here at Charles Muddle Ltd, we buy all ferrous metals and can make it easy to dispose of the waste metal you have. Small quantities are sorted on site and large quantities can be delivered or collected as appropriate. We can offer you a solution to suit your individual requirements. Sell your ferrous scrap! Scrap metal is a valuable commodity and recycling it is fundamental to reducing waste and resources. We specialise in bulk collections using our own lorries and offer you an outstanding service. You will not be disappointed! Ferrous required: Cast Iron • Cars, Vans, Trucks & PCVs • Water Heaters • AC Units and Air Handlers • Farm Machinery • RSJ's • Light Iron • Demolition Scrap • Rebar? Car Recycling We are fully licensed and will supply a Certificate of Destruction. Don't hand your car over to someone who is not licensed with the Environment Agency, come to us today! Safely and cost-effectively disposing of a car or other vehicle isn't that easy. Charles Muddle Ltd makes the process much easier. Scrap vehicles will be professionally de-polluted before disposal of any unused components. There are any number of reasons why you might want to dispose of a vehicle, ranging from insurance write-offs through to severe MOT failures or simply because the vehicle is no longer needed.
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SIC 4953 -
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1 location in Adversane, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
26 - 50 total employees
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