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SKROTPRISER APS buys and collects scrap metal from all parts of Denmark. We are a modern family-owned company. We are all very commited and work hard to ensure that our company runs well. This allow us to work efficient and professional. At we constantly try to better ourselves and make sure that we find the best possible solutions. Making the process from our clients' scrap metal to the smelter as short and effective as possible, which allow us to keep our prices very competitive. We buy and handle Copper Brass Catalysts Aluminum Cables Stainless steel Lead Accumulators Electric engines Iron & steel Zinc Electronic scrap Platinum & Palladium Hard Metal / Wolfram We are experts in handling and sorting all metals mentioned above. Everything is cleaned and made ready to be send directly to the smelter. Our expertise, experience and connections to large metal refineries allow us to always provide updated and competitive prices. All our prices are settled in alignment with the most current prices of the London Metal Exchange
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SIC 1799 -
1 location in Hedensted, Denmark
1 more location
6 - 10 total employees
2 verified employees of SKROTPRISER APS on Tradefox
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SKROTPRISER APS is a member of 0 industry associations and has 1 certifications.
29 companies rated the overall trustworthiness of SKROTPRISER APS.
  • 30 types of Ferrous, including Pipe Scrap
  • 9 types of Aluminium, including Alloy Wheels
  • 9 types of Copper, including ISRI Talk 6 more categories and 15 more materials.
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