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Tennessee Valley Recycling LLC
- Provides unparalleled scrap metal management and recycling services for the entire Tennessee River Valley - Buys scrap metals from industry, government, scrap dealers, auto salvage yards, utilities, and the public   - Supplies scrap consumers with the highest quality processed scrap metal products Tennessee Valley Recycling LLC provides unparalleled scrap metal management and recycling services to the entire Tennessee River Valley region. TVR also purchases scrap metals from dealers, auto salvage yards, demolition contractors, government, civic organizations and the public. We produce the highest quality scrap metal products for re-melting by steel mills and foundries, aluminum mills and smelters, copper and brass mills, foundries and smelters and for export. We ship our products directly to consumers regionally, nationally and worldwide. HISTORY Tennessee Valley Recycling was established in February 2000, through the merger of Denbo Iron & Metal Co. Inc. of Decatur, Ala. (founded 1907), L. Miller & Son Inc. of Huntsville, Ala. (founded 1918), Denbo Scrap Materials Inc. of Pulaski, Tennessee (founded 1923), Denbo Metal Recovery LLC of Pulaski, Tenn. and several other related companies. All these firms trace their origins to the Tennessee Poultry & Hide Co., operated by Benjamin Denbo, Isaac Denbo, Jacob Bernstein and Louis Miller, all Eastern European immigrants to America. Now joined together, these firms represent over 375 years of experience in the metals recycling industry and continue to serve those in the Tennessee River Valley area and beyond. TVR is owned, managed and operated by the descendants of its founders and provides metal recycling and scrap management services to hundreds of industries—large and small—throughout this region. The company has extensive baling and shearing capabilities, and operates full-service scrap metal processing facilities, including two large auto shredding plants, in Decatur, Huntsville, Sheffield, Russellville, and Athens AL., and Pulaski, TN.
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1 location in Decatur, United States of America
101 - 200 total employees
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Tennessee Valley Recycling LLC deals in:
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Ferrous
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