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Suvifer Reciclagem
Grupo Suvifer, a large company with eight units incorporated in Brazil, has been operating in the steel and services market for 72 years. In the ferrous scrap market, we move an average of twelve thousand tons / month. Our administrative, financial and management system is centered in the capital of São Paulo, we have computerized departments, each with its respective On-line communication with the various units, making possible the collection center, accounts payable, outputs with the billing sectors. For the purchase of raw materials, specialized professionals, available for travel throughout Brazil; And for the sale, tele-marketing service, decentralized customer service as per specification of the material. PRODUCTS: Plates - retail - pipe fittings - pipe fittings - metal frameworks - recyclable materials (ferrous) SERVICES: We provide customers in the field of oxyfuel, flanges, maintenance, mechanics, stamping, and tooling the gauges and measures as required by each one. - Longitudinal cut of flat steel; -Application and cross-section of steel coils; - Cut blanks on guillotines; -Manufacturing service; -Benefit of scrap; -Installation and maintenance of presses according to customer's requirement; - Placement of buckets of containers and brooks, for the packaging of materials; - Own vehicle fleet, or the contracting of third parties for delivery and withdrawal;
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1 location in São Paulo, Brazil
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Suvifer Reciclagem deals in:
  • Ferrous
  • Batteries
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