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We are a Marine Oil & Gas Freight Logistics company based in Singapore. Our work , from time to time, most Vessel Owners, gives us the opportunity as first priority to buy their Scrap vessel. We break down the Ship and sell the materials to Scrap People all over the world. We hope to be working with Decent & Genuine Scrap Players that can Venture with us that we may be profitable in the Industry. OUR PROFILE Offshore International Logistics Pte Ltd (OIL) is a freight forwarding and ship management company, created by a team of highly experienced professional marine logistics individuals in the field of International Freight Management. OIL’s objective is to provide a highly customer-oriented service to be a leading marine and offshore logistics providers. OIL specializes in the International shipping, handling and distribution of Critical Shipments worldwide, as well as project cargoes to/from Singapore to global destinations. Operated by people experienced in marine & offshore logistics and supplies, OIL has the sourcing expertise to meet the challenging demands of today’s shipping & Offshore industries both locally and Internationally. Our Agents all over the world set up the network that guarantees direct support, offering increasingly sophisticated and specialized services. Thanks to our up-to-date knowledge and experience in the sector, and our highly customer-oriented service, we have become a trusted partner to inland and maritime shipping, and offshore companies. We, at OIL, will always guarantee to provide competitive prices, with realistic delivery times, customized service in accordance to your needs, and the satisfaction that your business is always valued. MISSION & VISION Mission OIL’s Mission is to provide Total Quality Service (TQS) and Total Quality Management (TQM) driven by Responsiveness and Technology. Our Mission is founded on the provision of Premium Quality services in the following areas: Haulage of Freight Services and Transportations. Environment Protection and Safety. Ship Vessel Managements. Enhance service Quality through a wide range of Staff Training. Service Stations. Vision OIL’s Vision is to ensure Exceedingly Premium Quality Performances than any of its competitors in the Oil & Gas , Marine Industry. The Power of Collaboration is what we offer at Offshore International Logistics Pte. Ltd. Qualified & Experienced Professionals collaborating to provide Top Quality services and Management. Both External andInternal at Offshore International Logistics, we emphasise the value of human Aspiration, Inspiration and Achievement. Our success is Exceeded by Innovations’ andInnovations come from the many Clients that we have built over the years of Listening. Blesings
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1 location in Singapore, Singapore
2 - 5 total employees
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