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Ethos Industries, Inc.
We at Ethos Industries implement sustainable, economic solutions, to major inefficiencies in life cycles of electronic waste. Through the use of innovation, determination, and the best minds; our solutions produce top-notch, wholly beneficial results for people and for the planet. Commodities Brokering - Recycled Electronics Ethos works with a wide rage of electronics recyclers across the globe, in all stages of the supply chain. From Cell Phones to LCDs, Laptops to Toner/Inkjet Cartridges, we connect, negotiate pricing and arrange for shipping of bulk materials, connecting buyers and sellers with great values. Circuit Board Processing & Refining Ethos Industries works with medium/large sized companies, to recover the value in scrap printed circuit boards. We offer full, board-to-bullion service with our processing and refining operations.
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1 location in Syracuse , United States of America
1 verified employee of Ethos Industries, Inc. on Tradefox
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Ethos Industries, Inc. deals in:
  • E-scrap
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