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Fenix Metals
Fenix Metals in Tarnobrzeg, Poland is a joint venture between Dan Engineering A/S of Copenhagen, Denmark and Stoop N.V. of Belgium and commenced operation in early 2004. Stoop had been manufacturing solders and tin alloys near Bruxelles since 1911, selling about 1500 tons per year in Belgium, France and Germany. Through its subsidiary Falcon Metals in Dubai, Dan Engineering was a major supplier of refined metal to Stoop and discussions of cooperation were initiated in 2002. Dan Engineering had for some time conceptualized a tin recycling facility in Poland and Stoop felt the increasing competitive pressure on Western European manufacturers, so the joint venture in a more cost competitive location made sense. At the same time Fenix combines Falcons recycling experience, Dan Engineering’s technology and Stoops product portfolio and market position in Europe We purchase all types of tin containing residues and metallic scrap all over the world. Our purchasing team offers competitive terms, backed by full service sampling and analytical procedures.
Company information
1 location in Chmielow, Poland
201 - 1,000 total employees
1 verified employee of Fenix Metals on Tradefox
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Fenix Metals deals in:
  • Lead
  • Slag, Ash & Residues
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