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Upper India Steel Mfg. Engg. Co. Ltd.
Steel Melting Shop Production Facilities 21/23MT Electric Arc Furnaces-2. 21/23MT Ladle Refining Furnace Vacuum Degassing Wire injection Facility Salient Features Close chemistry achieved using Argon purging and Ladle Refining Furnace Low Gas Levels achieved using specialized slag control techniques Low Inclusions Levels achieved using specialized slag control techniques   Rolling Mills Production Facilities Gas storage and firing set up for reheating furnace combustion PLC controlled combustion of reheating furnace High pressure water jet scale breaker Flue Gas Analyser 20/14" Semi Automatic rolling mill 16/ 12" rolling mill 16/10" rolling mill 14/9" rolling mill 18/14" Cogging mill Salient Features LPG Gas fired furnace with computerized controls leads to low decarb levels and low surface scale resulting in good surface quality Specifically designed rolling mills to roll multiple sections simultaneously Short lead times Concast Production Facilities 6 / 11metre PLC controlled caster Automatic Mould Level Controller Mould Electromagnetic Stirrer PLC controlled Primary and Secondary Cooling Computerized Interface controller Salient Features Good internal and billet quality achieved due to computerized controls Recipe driven menu for different grades results in repeatability of billet quality parameters Heat Treatment And Brightbar Division Production Facilities THYRISTOR Controlled Double Bogey Electric Annealing Furnace (8m length) - 2 Band Saw Machines - 4 Straightening Machines - 4 Peeling Machines - 2 Centerless Grinders - 2 Grit Blasting Machine - 2 Draw Benches - 2 Magnetic Particle Inspection Test Bench (Full Wave DC-6m length) Salient Features Uniform annealed structure achieved with automatic cycle controller Closed Grinding Tolerances achieved : upto + 0.025mm High Surface Finish achieved after Grinding : < 3microns Efficient Scale Removal & no tendency For Hydrogen pick up due to Grit blasting instead of Acid pickling Closed length tolerance : +5mm Rust Free Oil Spray Coating Packaging in HDPE Sheets QCD and R&D Inspection Facilities Advanced Spectrometer Atom Comp 81(Jarryl Ash) - 2. Mobile Spectrometer (Spectrolab) Nitrogen and Oxygen determinator (Leco) Hydrogen Analyser (Leybold) Carbon and Sulphur Determinator (Leco) X ray fluorescence Analyser Xmet (Outo Komptor) for slag and ferro alloys. Microscope 2000 X magnification, photographic plate And microfilm attachment (Neophot21) Nikkon microscope with C mount Microscope(Cooks/Labo) - 2 Hardness tester (GDR) Heat treatment furnace Ultra Sonic Flaw Detector (EEC) Jominy Hardenability testing machine UTM (GDR) Hardness Testing Machine Rockwell Portable Brinnel Hardness Tester Magnaflux Testing Machine Chemical Laboratory Salient Features Government of India approved R&D centre On going R&D results in constant process & product upgradation
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1 location in Ludhiana, India
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Upper India Steel Mfg. Engg. Co. Ltd. deals in:
  • Ferrous
  • Lead
  • Plastic 1 more categories
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