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METALVALIUS Ltd (former COPPERVALIUS Ltd & ANAMET Ltd) is specialized in trade of ferrous and non-ferrous metal SCRAP, providing in the meantime any services and consultancies related to the above merchandise and any recycling activities. The company is established in 2004 and its first co-operation is with Stomana Industry SA - Bulgaria. It offered the know-how and consultant services in order to improve the operations of Stomana’s Scrapyard and to start implementation of complex recycling installation “SHREDDER”. The project was conducted with success and thus the co-operation with Stomana Industry ended in 2006. Back in 2007 Metalvalius started co-operation with SofiaMed SA –Bulgaria (factory for copper & brass products), providing know-how about the Purchases of Scrap from non-ferrous metals. From the late 2008 Metalvalius took under control the operations of SofiaMed’s scrapyard, outsourcing the raw materials supply of the factory, while having independent trade with other local and international partners. For the period 11/2008 till today Metalvalius has achieved a perfect quality & quantity record with material supply to Sofia Med. The company reached in 2012 total turnover of more than 170 mln EUR. Metalvalius provides directly and through its subcontractors work for more than 100 people. The company has been listed since 2010 among the TOP 100 Bulgarian companies in terms of turnover. The company recently embarked on an ambitious investment program for upgrading its processing plant infrastructure; as well as modernizing and streamlining its constantly expanding operations. METALVALIUS EOOD has established contractual cooperation agreements with the national collective take-back schemes for different waste streams contributing to the fulfilment of law-imposed national recycling targets.
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1 location in SOFIA, Bulgaria
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Metalvalius Ltd deals in:
  • Copper
  • Ferrous
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dull mill berry , copper scrap mill birchGR 
dull mill berry , copper scrap mill birchGR 
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