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Citra USA Inc. is an industrial import and export player acting worldwide; recognized especially for our supply of nonferrous metals and wire rope, our Florida-based office plays an essential role in our operations. We especially serve the surface treatment industry with our range of chemicals and powders as well as with exports of raw minerals from Brazil. Our roots are in South America with a focus on sales to: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Peru. For more than 30 years, we have built a worldwide reputation and understand the importance of supply chain quality thus committing ourselves to providing a reliable stream of commercial, logistic and/or financial solutions. Our customers receive not only the best materials but also the assurance that a certified supplier is meeting their operational needs. Our business operates within the international standards set by Bureau Veritas. We have received their ISO 9001 certification every year, for more than four years. Our commitment to meeting our customer's challenges is second-to-none. Through the combination of a solid network, a motivated team, and a keen understanding of customer requirements, we are unmatched in our service and product offerings.
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SIC 5199 -
1 more SIC code
1 location in Pembrooke Pines, United States of America
2 - 5 total employees
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  • Ferrous
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