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As a family-owned company, we have become an integral part of this important supply sector. The systematic exploration and opening of future markets means that traditional entrepreneurship must be closely linked with modern management. CRONIMET is a worldwide specialist for stainless steel scrap, ferroalloys and primary metals. We combine many years of experience and expert knowledge with reliability, competence and congenial partnership. We have continuous personal contact with our suppliers and our customers on a day-to-day basis, so that we can appraise their needs very precisely. We are committed to serving both suppliers and customers. Today, CRONIMET is established on four continents and has 59 subsidiaries, partnerships and representative offices. Our company with its 5619 employees is a world leader in the field of stainless steel raw materials and recycling. The success of our company rests on four pillars: sales, recycling, production and services, which provide a comprehensive basis for a solid product range. This ranges from pure metals and ferroalloys from primary raw materials through reprocessed stainless steel and metal scrap up to special and superalloys. Whether pure types or precise new blends, we guarantee our customers a precise analysis of all raw materials. Where necessary, all components will be supplied charge-ready for the smelting process. Recycling Our specialists in the field of recycling can advise you as to the exact classification and price calculation of the recyclable material offered. Our know-how guarantees rapid consignment and delivery followed by timely billing and payment. We know that the partnership, which has grown over years, is the basis for the success of both partners. On the basis of this experience, our employees conduct a co-operative and expert dialog with suppliers and customers. Since our company is present all over the world, we remain reliably and continuously attuned to the market even in difficult periods. We thus enable you to sell your recyclable material as profitably as possible. The large number of our dealers and subsidiary companies will always guarantee fair and current prices. Our plants are comprehensively equipped: our modern laboratories, mobile analysis instruments, packaging presses and high-performance shears, chip crushers, briquetting, sandblasting and sorting devices meet the highest specifications. Services For good reasons, we are the market leader in innovation: we find the best use for every recyclable material and thus also the one that is the most profitable for you. This is why we founded CRONIMET Services as an independent company. Our experts do not only help to find more efficient methods for recycling raw materials. Where needed, they develop entirely new concepts of reuse and implement these concepts in concert with our customers. CRONIMET can therefore take care of all your needs, comprising individual financing models, hedging or the organization. CRONIMET maintains locations in the immediate vicinity of its customers. Rapid communication and inexpensive short routes of supply are to your advantage. We also take care of the entire logistics: from short-term provisioning (buffer storage function) to permanent external storage to planning and implementation of timely delivery of all raw materials. Stockpiling of stores requiring large space and staff resources are no longer necessary, and this reduces your capital commitment significantly.
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1 location in Karlsruhe, Netherlands
26 - 50 total employees
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