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A designer and manufacturer of precision springs since 1939, Diamond continues to hold fast to its founding principles of providing quality springs with a strong emphasis on personalized customer service and satisfaction. In today's marketplace, we are the spring supplier of choice for demanding industries, including power and energy, agriculture and rail, because of our engineering experience, uncompromising commitment to quality and fast delivery at competitive prices. With more than 11,000 different springs available on a same-day shipment schedule, we also provide customized components for specialty manufacturing needs. In both stock and customer orders, exceptional product consistency remains critical to the success of our customers and our success as their supplier. Another critical element of our success is performance. Our employees are selectively chosen, and we provide a challenging and positive work environment. Our employees remain highly motivated to performance and job-related excellence. At Diamond, we take great pride in our employees' dedication and hard work, which is reflected in the quality of our springs and in our ability to meet individual customer demands. More than 75 years of experience, combined with continuing investments in equipment, engineering, manufacturing processes, company-wide commitments to quality, and dedicated customer service, makes Diamond Wire Spring Company an excellent source for all of your custom and stock spring requirements.
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SIC 3493 -
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1 location in GLENSHAW, United States of America
51 - 100 total employees
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