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herkate TULK Iranian ( STI ) is a manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans and easy open ends, based in "RASHT" on the Caspian Seacoast in the Islamic Republic of Iran. "STI" is the first manufacturer of aluminum Easy Open Ends (EOE) in Iran and the first plant has a state - of - art technology for producing two piece aluminum cans. "STI" has established early 2010, with forecasting of more than 80 million USD of investment. "STI" annual production capacity will be over 700 million cans and one billion EOE Ends for the first phase. Our company dedicated to producing high quality products with the latest technology to meet customer's expectations and benefits, on time delivery, with competative price, in the most possible safe area for our employees and "STI" family. Moreover, we do realize our responsibilities and commitments to the public and environment. Our production technology will assure us to afford these commitments.
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1 location in Iran, Iran
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STI deals in:
  • Aluminium
  • Ferrous
  • Slag, Ash & Residues
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