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TRA Shipping supports inland shippers, carriers and intermediaries in the inland waterway sector with future-oriented business consulting, purchase and brokerage of inland and recycling advice.Ship Recycling is an art. European and Dutch laws and regulations provide the framework for a professional and environmentally friendly way of working. Shipping TRA notes that in practice the knowledge of it is not always enough. Our company therefore not only advises, but also works to increase the knowledge about demolishing the recycling sector and environmentally friendly. TRA Shipping provides information to governments, agencies and companies involved in the IWT sector. That is the environment, stakeholders and the industry for good. Suppose the scrapping of a vessel is not done correctly and there would arise environmental or public health hazard, this will have consequences for the reputation of the company or agency that has commissioned the demolition job. With the right information, this can be prevented easily.
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1 location in Zwartsluis , Netherlands
1 total employees
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1 companies rated the overall trustworthiness of TRA Shipping - Trading -Recyling - Advice.
TRA Shipping - Trading -Recyling - Advice deals in:
  • Ferrous
  • Vessels
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