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IDENTIFICATION OF THE COMPANY TEKON BG Ltd., seated in Dobrichand with its registered address of management A-13"San Stefano" Str. is an independent, private company, founded in to answer and meet the enhancing requirements of the dynamical trends of the business liasons. MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to provide expert assistance and professional tradingservices, targeting the private and the governmentsector in Business and Strategic Developmentof Trade and Power Engineering. The most important characteristic of our company is our professional approach and the activities and services we render which close the business process - starting with a preliminary consulting and going through finding, implementation, negotiation and finalizing of a certain project. A team of management, finance, investment and trading consultants and lawyers with international experience as well as a broad network of qualified associates in Bulgaria and abroad has already been established to achieve our mission. KEY SERVICES * Rendering general consulting services considering the implementation of investment projects, participation and mediation in the business deals with goods and services, carried out on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. * Consulting services in the stock and the servicesmarket * Reports providing details about regional markets, potential partners, export opportunities, equipment sources and prices, technology suppliers and other critical information. * Marketing research and strategy, sales distribution - basic economic and market studies. * Advertising, Public relations and promotional activities.
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1 location in Dobrich, Bulgaria
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