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Recycle Cats
We at Recycle cats with years of expertise in recycling and trading of verity of scrap metal, we been operating in India, Australia, New Zeeland and five other countries in south east Asia. We have established trading outlets, Partnerships, Purchase Facilities, trading depots and processing facilities. Our deep understanding of Materials and loyal relation with our stake holders kept us in the best and ever growing company. For consuming the raw metals India is the key market leader. We are sourcing our metals as a company based in India and supplying the companies as a local company with using our own trading out lets. This is making us extremely competitive and profitable in trading the metals. As we are backed up by the financial institution. The state of art facility that will enable us to have the fast and easy payment options. We advantage to get the payments much faster than ever and will thrive to achieve satisfaction of all the suppliers.
Company information
1 location in Ravenhall , Australia
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Recycle Cats deals in:
  • Lead
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