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Our company was established in 2005 and since then it has been as one of professional specialty forged flanges manufacturer in Korea. We have going to ensure best quality and also strict quality assurances systems are conducted throughout the entire production are operated by ISO9001/2000 system. Also, the entire products are designed and manufactured to confirm strictly to ASME (ANSI), API, MSS, AWWA, BS, DIN, JIS, TAYLOR and other international recognized standards with the qualities to meet such as industrial applications. We can produce wide range of specialty flanges produced by high-grade raw material by the customer requirements base on the OEM and ODM designated. We have been mainly focus was self-manufactured of the wide variety of industrial flanges likely as below. "Tube Sheet, Nozzle, Shell, Channel, Baffle, End Cover and Girth & Forging Ring flange" and include of all kind of "Weld overlay & Lining FlangesDeposit, Cladding and Weld Overay Flanges" We have been joint invested to Forging factory and we have been joint-cooperated with Forging factory also we have exclusive sales agencies for overseas business since March. 2006 so We are able to support to you more than competitive price and better than improved quality. We truly hope to serve your in near the future.
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SIC 3339 -
1 location in Gangseo-Gu, Korea (Republic of)
2 - 5 total employees
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