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United Batteries Company United Batteries Co. is a private Owned Business working in Field of manufacturing and supplying of all kind of Lead-Acid batteries. the company was established in 1989 and growing since then, it was relocated four times due to expansions needs since then. It started with conventional lead acid batteries for Automotive and Motorcycle applications. Now we made almost kinds of lead-acid batteries Convent-ional batteries, Maintenance free batteries, AGM batteries, Traction Batteries, Stand By batteries and Gel Batteries. Our Mission: With eng.Hamed Marzouk Leadership we work to a clear mission: continuous improvement of battery technology. Our philosophy: Is to never compromise on quality, and this mantra has earned us our leading position in this field. United Batteries co. has a strong integration philosophy; we have been supplying our batteries with almost all its components internally. We have a lead recycling and alloying facility to supply us with the required quality and purity. Also we have a complete plastic injection facility that supplies us with the needed plastic boxes, covers and all plastic accessories. All the United Batteries co. Team is working hard to insure the continuous expansion and improvement of their own company.
Company information
SIC 9999 -
1 location in Cairo , Egypt
11 - 25 total employees
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