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Steel Mont is a Globally operating Trading company since 22 years. It operates from more than 9 countries with country-wise incorporated independent entities in UK, Germany, Turkey, Russia, UAE, India, China, Ukraine and representative office in Italy. Steel Mont’s supply products range from Metals, Minerals and Carbon, Chemicals and Shipping. It supplies Industrial finished and semi- finished Steel , Minerals and Carbon such as Coke, Coal, CPC, and Iron ore of superior grades. The Group sources its superior quality carbon products from Chinese, Australian, South African, Russian mines and the finished and semi-finished Steel from technically sound Steel Mills from various part of the world. It has quality management system ISO 9000-2008 in Trading and Supply of Industrial raw materials to the end users and employing best of quality practices. With over USD 400 Million global revenue, the Group is continuously striving to achieve excellency in supplying highest standard of quality grade materials across the globe to various manufacturer and end users employing the best of supply chain management to achieve the best transaction cost to all its stake holders in the supply chain. The Group has one of its kind Carbon Service centre in India and Steel service centre in UAE.
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SIC 5085 -
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1 location in Düsseldorf, Germany
6 - 10 total employees
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