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Blue Caravan Commodities Pvt.Ltd
As a B2B e-commerce company, our mission & vision is to create an online & offline market place for international trade. We help to identify & create, facilitate & promote a global market for trade in all kinds of commodities, goods, products and services, by Indian companies; specially SMEs, cottage & micro industries, self –help group, community / rural co-operative, handlooms and handicraft manufacturers, growers & producers, to sells their wares to traders, whole-sellers, distributors, multi and single product/ brand chains from countries; all over the world, from The Great India Bazaar. By creating a marketplace, our mission is to generate employment by facilitating skills upgradation and development to help build sustainable businesses and earnings for the target segments of Indian economy. We help in identifying, sourcing and procuring the right raw materials, ingredients, machinery and technology for Indian companies to "Make in India" and to create & produce world class products "Made in India " by also creating a market place for imports and for foreign companies to sell their wares in India through The Great India Bazaar. Finally our mission is also to organise the unorganised segments of India by creating a bank and market place for professional services for all aspects of business management, marketing, branding, events, packaging, logistic, financial consulting, joint venture and technology transfers.
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1 location in NEW DELHI, India
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