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We are Importers of Non Ferrous Virgin Metals, Ferro Alloys, Minor Metals etc. Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys as popularly known has a big list of satisfied clienteles hailing from all parts of globe. Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys is being eqipped with advanced technology which is in turn would enable us to serve our customers better. Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys Objective & Missions: Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys has the aspiration of becoming the best supplier of quality / casting / Engineering Components with its imbibed attitude of pursuing EXCELLENCE. It is confident of archieving this covetous status owing to its expertise in workmanship , awareness of international standards/ benchmark and product requirements of buyers. Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys mission is to put India on the worldmap as the best center for quality products. Procurement Of Raw Material : Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys , continuously develops new Vendors for their requirement for varied metals apart from their having tied-up with several manufacturers / associates for facilities for the supply of raw materials to suit requirement of their customers. Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys Quality Commitment: We at Asia Metals & Ferro Alloys are very quality conscious and every one associated with the company from the chairnan to helper chant the quality mantra all the time . All materials are procured with manufacturers test certificate and are meticulously tested at factory to confirm chemical and metallurgical properties including hardnes
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1 location in Mumbai, India
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