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EnviroAct Recycling Solutions
EnviroAct Recycling Solutions consists of a team dedicated to recycling post-consumer laminated PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) from windshields as well as architectural (laminated glass) throughout South Africa. We are passionate about giving this recycled material a new life and eliminating the need for companies to dispose of it in landfills. There are many challenges facing the industry, especially the increasing cost of landfills and environmental regulations that require a cleaner and friendlier disposal of waste products. EnviroAct is here to help! EnviroAct works closely with our partners and distributors to help keep South Africa a cleaner place, reduce landfill waste and to be part of a solution that helps create new products using recycled content. The recycled products help the industry reduce energy usage and minimize the depletion of natural raw materials.
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1 location in Johannesburg, South Africa
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EnviroAct Recycling Solutions deals in:
  • Ferrous
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