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Hubei Global-Union Trade Co.,Ltd
HUBEI GLOBAL-UNION TRADE CO.,LTD located beautiful shore of the Yangtze River, Ezhou city in Hubei province. The company originated from manganese ore mining, growing at nickel smelting, expanding to mainly on nickel’s diversified operation. Though leadership and staffs’ persistent effort and unity, Hubei global-union trade Co.,Ltd has formed the complete and scale industrial chain for copper, nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, palladium, platinum smelting and processing. To take full advantage of various of rare metal resources, the urban mining, science research and comprehensive service have developed rapidly, the capital operation and strategy cooperation get remarkable achievements. The company has two wholly-owned subsidiaries. the business across all over the world.So far,the Hubei global-union annual production ability is Copper 1800 tons, Nickel 5000 tons, Cobalt 360 tons, Manganese 6000 tons. And :Manganese ore mining 50000 tons, which located in Malaysia, In addition, it has the platinum,palladium,gold,silver,selenium,bismuth,tellurium,rhenium,tin and other rare metals’ comprehensive utilization and production. By the end of 2013.Hubei global-union has 200 employees, among which has 18 leaderships,30 technical engineers,152 production operators.
Company information
1 location in ezhu, China
201 - 1,000 total employees
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Hubei Global-Union Trade Co.,Ltd deals in:
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Precious metals 1 more categories
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