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Protech Globe
PROTECH GLOBE is a multi-disciplinary organization offers a very specialized and professional services to its esteemed clients. All our assignments are carried out in strictest confidence. PROTECH is organized into a number of division, each of which is lead by qualified professionals with detailed knowledge of that sector. PROTECH has been applying Projects, Process, Energy Management expertise to deliver sustainable comprehensive and integrated solutions to it’s valued customers both Through Consultancy and Turnkey Execution Of Projects and Processes in the areas of Recycle Polyester Staple Fiber PET, Bottle Washing, PET Polyester Yarn POY & FDY BOPET & BOPP Films, Recycle POY, FDY, DTY, Preform, Injection / Blow / Compress molding PET Sheet, PET Straps, Mono Filaments Continuous Polymerization, Solid State Polymerization (CP, SSP) Beverages, Solvent extraction, Chemical Plants.
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Protech Globe deals in:
  • 1 type of Ferrous - LMS / No. 1 Bundles
  • 1 type of Plastic - Polypropylene
  • 1 type of Textiles & Fibers - Polyester 2 more categories and 1 more materials.
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