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Shinsho has adopted a long-term management vision targeting 2020, with three strategies aimed at making us the core trading company of the Kobe Steel Group: 1) Accelerate global business, 2) Stronger trading company functions, and 3) Enhance business foundation. While implementing these strategies quickly to achieve our vision, it is also important for us as a trading company to understand how we can help our client companies achieve their own business visions. As globalization continues, more companies are pursuing operations abroad. Shinsho can act as an advance guard for their forays overseas, while also providing them with back-up support. This is precisely where Shinsho has a crucial role to play. All employees from top management to our newest recruits must work together and keep their eyes on the goal if we are to fulfill our mission. To that end, we will make in-company information more open, promote frank discussion, make fair decisions, and promote speedy action to energize our organization. The most important elements in our business are a passion for work and a sense of responsibility. With persistence and a steadfast commitment to the future and to the business development of our customers, we will forge ahead, enlarging our presence on the world stage.
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SIC 5052 -
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1 location in Chuo-ku, Japan
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aluminium ingots a3104JP 
aluminium alloy ak5m2JP 
aluminium ingots a3104JP 
aluminium alloy ak5m2JP 
aluminium ingots a3104JP 
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