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"Let's actively engage in what the world needs," This is the spirit of Shinkin British metal foundation. Since then, we have contributed to the development of industries as a metal recycling company that provides new resources in Japan with poor resources. Today, we have grown into a comprehensive recycling enterprise group, and we are developing business with a sense of pride as a driver of a recycling-based society. Meanwhile, the changes in the society, the economy and the global environment surrounding us are rapidly developing, and we have created a lot of unprecedented challenges. When I looked back on the spirit of our founding again, I thought that solving the problem beyond the framework of the recycling industry was also a role given to us. Therefore, as each group company demonstrates its own distinctiveness, we have decided to establish Shinki Holdings as a group with a view to challenging fields not stuck to conventional stereotypes as a group. The corporate philosophy raised is "Everyday is a treasure hunt". We will accurately grasp the era when we are living, looking at the next generation, discovering "treasure" leading to people's joy, working to improve corporate value and contributing to the development of society as a whole.
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