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Skrothandlarn AB
Skrothandlarn Götene AB was started in May 2015 by Frans Käll and Fredric Svanström. The owners together have over 30 years of experience from the recycling industry. The business idea is simple, at a local level, to create an efficient and profitable recycling for our customers, through a minimized organization, with maximized logistics, to let the environment be in focus without compromising quality or economy, rather the opposite. With committed employees and short decision paths, WE ARE A PARTNER TO ACCOUNT, NOW AND IN THE LONGEST . Skrothandlarn has over 7000 m2 of industrial land in Hangelösa, geographically in the center of Götene, Skara and Lidköping, which becomes our naturally effective catchment area. Skrothandlarn has invested in mechanical equipment during the year in order to achieve the efficiency and economy we seek, including a 38-ton heavy scissor scissor with 900 tons of rock power to produce finished melting raw materials and maximize transport weights. Together with a truck hijacking adapted to the new 64-tonne heavyweight regulations from June 1, we have now rationalized every 4 truck transport. Skrothandlarn has also built up a copper cable recycling facility, a machine for separating tires from rims is under construction, truck lorries and office / customer reception are under construction. All in order to grow and be at the forefront of development.
Company information
1 location in Hangelösa Kobäcken , Sweden
6 - 10 total employees
1 verified employee of Skrothandlarn AB on Tradefox
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Skrothandlarn AB deals in:
  • Copper
  • Ferrous
  • Batteries
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