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Bulldozer Gulf Gen. Trad. & Cont. Co.
Gulf Bulldozer General Trading & Contracting WLL is a distinguished contracting company preferred by most local customers who are working on project implementation from design to final implementation (EPC). Gulf Bulldozer Company for General Trading and Contracting has successfully implemented a number of projects in most of the main industrial sectors such as Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) and other companies, Since its inception, the company has committed itself to contributing to regional development. The company has committed itself to meeting the various challenges involved in the implementation of important and complex projects and the first of its kind. The company has also achieved several million non-accident working hours (LTI), which has earned the customer's satisfaction through the awards and certificates of appreciation obtained by the company in this regard. This has attracted many contracting companies (engineering, procurement and construction under one umbrella) to partner with the company to carry out many industrial projects.
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1 location in Khaitan, Kuwait
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