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Moto & Co Holdings
Moto & Co Holdings is an innovative institution that specialises in a variety of trading operation, to suit a diverse range of requirements. With its headquarters based in London the Global Financial Hub, our business truly embraces the productivity in its surroundings commercial infrastructure to reflect the needs to its much valued clients. With a large internal structure Moto & Co Holdings branches out into 5 core business activities, it covers a number of profitable sectors, a labour workforce over 1000 specialist employees and a dedicated techno structure to ensure the highest level of professionalism and efficiency. Moto & Co Holdings follows all the principles of corporate social responsibility as a transnational cooperation operating in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The core business Model engages in Sales, Import/Exports and a wide number International Operations these include; Minerals, Energy and Services. Moto & Co Holdings also acts as a direct representative of manor major financial institutions and commercial banks through an official mandate for all commodities, goods and services. Whilst also priding itself in being actively engaged in diverse range of natural resources trading in the primary.
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1 location in Kampala , Uganda
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