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We are dealing stainless steel scrap and carbon steel scrap. Yieh Corp. established in 1997, is the world's leading steel company specialized in supplying of all kinds of steel and metallic products. Yieh Corp. headquarter is situated in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and the branch companies are located in Shanghai, China and Canada. Yieh Corp. is planning spread our distribution network further by opening more branches in the world to closer to our clients. Yieh Corp. belongs to E United Group, which includes four significant business sectors: steel manufacturing, education, health care, and estate development. With the competency to integrate resources both from outside and inside of the Group, Yieh Corp can supply global clients with diverse steel products, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, pre-painted steel, carbon steel and aluminum in sheet, plate, coil, strip, welded and seamless pipe/tube, bar, wire rod, copper, brass and so on. We have a strong, experienced, and expertise sales team. We are not only being able to offer our clients with the best quality products and competitive prices, but also provide the best solution for steel product procurement. Nowadays, Yieh Corp. has successfully developed into a well-known international enterprise. We’ll continuously expand our business around the world. Also, we’ll constantly improve our sales in order to provide the best steel products and services as well as creating the most values for our clients. VISION To be a leading international steel enterprise by creating diversified products, attracting elite people, and maximizing our strength. We will continue to create the best values for the clients with the specialized team, the most professional channel, information technology, management, and exceptional customer service. CORE VALUES Yieh Corp. strives to deliver unparalleled value and cutting-edge solutions to our clients. We are guided and motivated by the following 3 core values. Professional Our specialized team is dedicated to high quality of our services and excellence in our work. Yieh Corp. prides itself on the professional relationship we develop with all clients. Reliable We are reliable because we know the market, we are honest, truthful and we will meet our promise to our clients. Our clients’ success becomes our success. We provide our clients with the best value products in an effort to grow their reputation within their industry Efficient We are committed to deliver a total solution of steel products, steel processing, logistics and technical services to fulfill our client’s requirements in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
Company information
SIC 5051 -
1 more SIC code
1 location in Kaohsiung , Taiwan
1 more location
51 - 100 total employees
1 verified employee of YIEH CORP. on Tradefox
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YIEH CORP. deals in:
  • 4 types of Ferrous, including Busheling
  • 2 types of Stainless Steel, including Stainless 304
  • 1 type of Batteries - Nickel Cadmium batteries 4 more categories and 1 more materials.
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