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Alternative Raw Materials (ARMs) as efficient way to lowering self-cost of steel production. SMARTSCRAP is one of the world leading suppliers of alternative raw materials (ARMs) for steel production. From the very beginning, since 2006 our company has been concentrated in the field of secondary metallurgical wastes. Our main products are steel skulls and cast iron skulls - processed metallurgical wastes (steel and cast iron slag), we can supply these materials from any Russian producer, and provide skulls with required quality and quantity. Our export (foreign trade) department can offer supply of steel skulls and cast iron skulls from all over the world. We are also ready to find and offer any kinds of metallurgical waste (such as different oxydes, zinc dust, ferrosilicon slag, etc.) from Russia/Ukraine and other countires according to your request. Just let us know what kind of ferrous waste you need and our specialists will offer it to you in most shortest time. We understand that the most important and difficult thing in our business is determination of quality of our materials, thats why we paying much attention to quality control services. SMARTSCRAP also performing research in field of new ways of using wastes for secondary recycling. Our engineers can provide support in field of adjusting of electric arc furnaces (EAF), with their help some of steel mills has reached up to 35% replacement of standard types of scrap (for example HMS, 3A) with SFSS90 / SSS80 materials, what allowed to these steel mills to get extra profits and new competitive advantage. Profitability and efficiency of applying of ARMs supplied by us is proven on practice by leading steel-making holdings and we want to invite you to long-term and mutually beneficial partnership.
Company information
1 location in Belinsky st. house, Russian Federation
101 - 200 total employees
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SmartScrap deals in:
  • Ferrous
  • Lead
  • Zinc 2 more categories
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