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AmeriMex Motor & Controls specializes in power equipment for all industries. We focus on AC and DC motors and controls for drilling, dredging, petrochemical, cement, plastic, steel, and general industry. We also maintain a large stock of replacement parts and accessories to keep your equipment running efficiently. Power Equipment Experts AmeriMex offers an elite combination of motors and controls to create and maintain total system responsibility for our customers. Our equipment experts are available 24/7 to solve issues whenever they arise. Comprehensive Shop Services Our 140,000-square-foot facility includes full-service shops for machinery, welding, and sheet metal. We can repair, rebuild, and refurbish all power equipment on-site. Elite Testing Capabilities AmeriMex has the nation’s largest load-test facility with capabilities to full-load test vertically and horizontally mounted motors up to 6,000 hp and no-load test up to 20,000 hp. Our on-site, in-house engineers perform all engineering, which gives us crucial quality control to meet your requirements and expectations.
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SIC 5063 -
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1 location in Houston, United States of America
101 - 200 total employees
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