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Trafigura is one of the world’s leading independent commodity trading and logistics houses. We’re at the heart of the global economy. Every day and around the world, we are advancing trade – reliably, efficiently and responsibly. We see global trade as a positive force and we go further to make trade work better. Trafigura helps make trade happen. We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed – reliably, efficiently and responsibly. Whether you’re a producer, an existing or potential partner in government or business, or an end-user we have the focus, commitment and global resources to get you closer to your markets. EXCELLENT END-TO-END SERVICES We add value at every stage of the supply chain. We access hard-to-reach locations. We offer technical advice and financial support. We build infrastructure and devise logistics to streamline and simplify transportation. We operate at scale through state-of-the-art terminals. We deliver on time, on-spec commodities wherever they are needed. INVESTING IN INFRASTRUCTURE We invest in ports, terminals and logistics to enhance our physical trading activities. We build warehouses and storage facilities, operate truck and barge fleets, buy ships and develop mines – whatever it takes to help trade flow. IMPROVING COMPETITIVENESS We develop trade routes and product categories. We improve logistics. We introduce new counter parties and strengthen connections between suppliers and end-users. We invest in innovation to make markets more efficient. RESPONSIBILITY Trafigura is one of the world’s leading commodity trading firms. We are leveraging our experience and expertise to develop a more responsible business. We have set ourselves an important ambition: to become acknowledged sector leaders in the way we manage corporate responsibility. This commitment is endorsed by Trafigura’s Management Board and shareholders – all closely involved in running the business - and by employees across the Group. It is also firmly rooted in commercial logic, for a number of reasons. We know we have to earn and maintain a social licence to operate in the many countries and communities where we are active. As a company specialising in the logistics of moving large volumes of potentially dangerous or polluting materials around the world, we know we need to operate a systematic and rigorous approach to the management of Health, Safety, Environment and Community (HSEC) risks, both in operations under our direct control and in our selection of contracting partners. Our partners rightly require assurance that we operate to the highest standards. Demonstrating leadership in responsibility will support the development of our business and enhance our access to capital and liquidity. In that sense, we see good performance in this area as a means of securing a competitive edge.
Company information
1 location in Schiphol, Netherlands
101 - 200 total employees
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Trafigura deals in:
  • Ferrous
  • Lead
  • Batteries
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