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On behalf of the management board, welcome to the website of HKS Metals, the market and technology leader in metal recycling. We look forward to providing you with a full-service solution by contributing to: Your environmental objectives, by means of recycling all your metals using the best technologies Your cash flow by means of our financial strength Your social responsibility, by means of our CSR Performance Ladder level 4 (unique in the sector) Your supply chain, by means of effective logistical solutions In addition to our conventional recycling methods, we frequently use a High-tech sorting center at our branch in Amersfoort. Advanced separation technologies and extensive partnerships further enable us to utilize the maximum potential of residual fractions, so that we can guarantee you maximum value and ensure that the environmental burden is minimized. In order to achieve this, we impose strict requirements on ourselves. In addition to the fact that we can build on a strong basis thanks to our parent company TSR (market leader in Germany, among other countries), we offer: A customer and service-oriented approach Integrity Accuracy Entrepreneurship as our core values in order to provide you with the best possible solution. In order to ensure the effective processing of your materials, HKS Metals has three Shredders, four Scissors, two presses and a High-tech sorting center. History HKS Scrap Metals B.V. has its origins in the recycling companies of the German steel company Klöckner of the eighties. The name HKS Metals however, was formed as of 1993 after the fusion of Klöckner with the recycling companies of the steel group Hoogovens Metals from IJmuiden (now Tata Steel). After the summer of 2012 TSR, through its subsidiary Euro Scrap Alliance, took over the TaTa Steel block of shares. As a result, HKS Metals became a 100% subsidiary of TSR. In Europe, TSR is market leader in the field of metal recycling, boasting 150 branches and approximately 2600 members of staff in Europe. Our six branches in the Netherlands provide nationwide coverage and are equipped with the latest production equipment and separation technologies, including scissors, shredders, presses, Eddy-Current systems and X-ray, color, infrared and sensor separators. Recycling process HKS Metals takes up a prominent position within the recycling process of metals in the Netherlands. Iron, metals and electronics are supplied to us through four different channels and are all processed for reuse. Industry Consumer Collection/Intermediary service HKS Metals Processing/separating Scrap converted into steel Steel to user ​Treatment process Our treatment process explained Variety of scrap Materials from different sectors. Examples include scrap from the building industry and iron streams from civic amenity sites. Large objects Materials that require pre-treatment before they can be machine-processed. Pre-treatment Pre-treatment consists of flame-cutting and the dismantling of large chunks of steel that cannot be handled by standard machine-processing. Processing HKS Metals uses three types of machine-processing methods. The scissor, press and shredder. Scissor The scissor cuts long chunks of iron to size. The length depends on the needs of the steel plants. Press The press produces packages, thereby increasing the density and transport options of the material. Shredder The shredder rips the iron into fist-size pieces. The magnet separates the iron from the metals, after which extraction removes any pollution from the scrap. Foundry By applying various processing methods, we can easily meet the specific demands of foundries. Every new type of metal is linked to its own scrap type as pre-material. NF separation Our shredder process roughly generates three types of streams. Light fraction (pollution), heavy fraction (mixture of metals) and iron. Contrary to fellow scrap-processors, the heavy fraction is moved to our own sorting center in Amersfoort. Here all metals are machine-separated.
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LS-NIKKO COPPER INC.printed circuit boardsKR 
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LS-NIKKO COPPER INC.printed circuit boardsKR 
abm corpcopper scrapNL 
LS-NIKKO COPPER INC.printed circuit boardsKR 
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