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Global Calcium Carbonate Industries
Global Calcium Carbonate Industries was founded in Jordan in 2013 to cater for the growing global demand for Calcium Carbonate. Blessed with massive reserves of high quality Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), our quarry is equipped with high capacity production lines, throwing more than 1,000 MT per day of CaCO3 ore with various grain sizes. Phase II, with completion due early 2016, will witness the commissioning of a modern production line for producing ground calcium carbonate, with fineness ranging from 45 mic up to 2000 mic. The next phase will introduce state-of-the-art grinding facilities, producing superfine ground calcium carbonate. Both the crusher and the plants are conveniently situated near the international road towards the South of Jordan, heading to KSA and Arabian Gulf countries, as well as to the port of Aqaba, Jordan's only sea gateway.
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1 location in Zarqa, Jordan
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