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As each single individual is contributing to the success of a company. We are certain that top down unilateral decision are totally last century style, Rather than transversal cooperation where all single person energies lead to a common success. Like us, If you believe that opacity and greed kills all the deals. we started to understand each other. If you dream to cooperate with a trading house that take the risk of transparency. You will deduct that they trust the quality and loyalty of their source. If you seek a merchant partner that put in very first his customer attention to details, you will wait for a real proof of evidence. If you wish colleague in transaction not impressed and blinded by the arrogance of numbers. ALLOYS FERRO MANGANESE: Our group is very active in Ferromanganese trade directly from furnace operators essentially based in India East Coast . It is a ferroalloy made by heating mixture of Manganese Ore (Mn)2) and Fe2O2 undergoing a carbothermal reduction in the furnace to produce as a result Ferro Mn alloy . The main application of this Deoxider is in steelmaking for the production of carbon and stainless steel. We are trading different grade : ► High Carbon from 65 % Mn to 75 % Mn , Carbon 6 to 8 % & Low phosphorous content 0.15 to 0.20 %. ► Medium Carbon from 65 to 75 % of Mn , Carbon 0.5 to 2 % and 0.35 % of sulphur. ► Low Carbon from from 65 to 75 % of Mn, Carbon 0.5 % max FERRO SILICON: Another specialty from India furnace operators in India East Coast , we are in partnership with. Ferrosilicons with silicon content up to about 15% are made in blast furnaces lined with acid fire bricks. Ferrosilicons with higher silicon content are made in electric arc furnaces. The usual formulations on the market are ferrosilicons with 15%, 45%, 75%, and 90% silicon. MgFeSi contains 3–42% magnesium and small amounts of rare earth metals. Ferrosilicon is also important as an additive to cast irons for controlling the initial content of silicon. We are trading: ► FeSi 70-75% low Al 1.5/2% ► FeSi 60-65% ► FeSi 55% min MINERALS ORE: Manganese is the main ore we are trading. Essential to iron and steel production by virtue of its sulfur fixing, deoxidizing and alloying properties. Steelmaking count for 85 % of the total world demand and among of variety of other uses Mn is a key component of Low cost stainless less formulation. A second application is as an alloying agent for aluminium. Aluminium with a an Mn contnent of 1.5 % increased resistance against corrosion due to the formation of grains absorbing impurities. We are also very active into Copper, Nickel. Bauxite,Chrome, Antimony, Gypsum and Coal with private miners direct partnership.
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1 location in Haldenstrasse , Switzerland
201 - 1,000 total employees
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Beaumont Trading AG deals in:
  • 30 types of Ferrous, including Auto Cast
  • 4 types of Precious metals, including Magnesium
  • 1 type of Plastic - ABS 5 more categories and 1 more materials.
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