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MSK Comércio Importacao e Exportacao Eirele EPP
Our company MSK Trade, Import and Export specializes in the purchase of metal waste (scrap) metal, exporting to countries around the world and mainly in the markets of Asia, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, and we are open to new countries that want to do new business. We have already heavily consolidated partnerships with external and internal customers. The metal is a precious commodity and used in all fields of industry and home, find metal scrap in various segments. When disposed by companies, can undergo a recycling process which guarantees its reuse in the production of recycled metal that has almost all the base metal characteristics and can be recycled many times without losing its characteristics and quality. The MSK is a company specialized in buying and reselling of ferrous scrap and non-ferrous produced in Brazil, and exporting to other countries for steel and foundry purposes. We encourage more and more recycling, and thereby helping to create a better world. Your satisfaction is our priority. Have your disposal our experience in the market and our specialized team. The MSK operates in the area of trade, import and export of ferrous scrap and non-ferrous in order to meet an increasingly demanding market, we are constantly improving our services, working with high caliber and performance of companies. Our mission is to meet our customers adding quality, fair price, safety and speed. Besides helping to transform the world into a more pleasant place to live. We have experience of a team of professionals for a proper assessment of the material purchased and removed the charge with a quality inspector trained to recognize the junk rating. All shipments made ​​by MSK are inspected by qualified professionals, ensuring product quality, agility in shipments and the effectiveness of negotiations. Always we seek the confidence of our suppliers and buyers leading WHAT is best to buyers in the world market. Quality, punctuality and good value add our value to the market. services Our greatest specialty is buying and selling of scrap for export. Our expertise in these areas will make all the difference in the development and success of your business. junks Commercialized: Ferrous and non-ferrous ferrous Scraps of black and white printing girl scrap industry oxyfuel scrap Scrap forgings Babble scrap electroplating scrap cast iron scrap Heavy girl Scrap Mixed scrap press nonferrous Aluminum Stainless steel Copper Bronze Brass zamack Lead
Company information
1 location in São Paulo, Brazil
6 - 10 total employees
1 verified employee of MSK Comércio Importacao e Exportacao Eirele EPP on Tradefox
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MSK Comércio Importacao e Exportacao Eirele EPP deals in:
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Ferrous 2 more categories
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