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Recycling for a better tomorrow Each month Casier collects, sorts and processes 12,000 tons of ferrous scrap, 2,500 tons of non-ferrous scrap and 500 tons of wood residues. Was the word “recycling” already invented more than 100 years ago? The fact that the founders of the Group Casier Recycling started a recycling company in those days anyhow showed that they had a clear vision. xactly in the year 1900 Charles and Gerard Casier started collecting and processing textile waste at Zwevegem. The immediate proximity of an important metal industry was an excellent opportunity to also become active in the recycling of iron. It soon appeared to be a successful decision. Under the management of Charles 2 and his son Henri Casier (+2007), the company moved to Deerlijk in 1957. From a strategic point of view, it was a well-planned location, partly thanks to the direct railway connection. Meanwhile, the fourth and the fifth generations are in charge of this flourishing family concern.
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