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Area Europa
Area Europa is a base and scrap metal trading company with a global network of suppliers and customers. Regular materials traded include HMS and Copper Wire scrap. Our origins trace back to 1954 when we operated salt pans in South Africa as the Deelfontein Salt Company. In 1969, Techemet (Pty) Ltd was formed for the dual purpose of operating the salt pans and metallurgical consulting. During the early 1970's we designed and commissioned the world's 2nd largest platinum smelter for a mining company in South Africa. In 1976 Techemet Ltd was formed in Tucson, Arizona USA as a consulting service to the local mining companies. After moving to Houston Texas in 1988 Techemet commissioned its first catalyst smelter which became operational in 1989. At this point Techemet Ltd became a Texas incorporated company. In 2004 we moved to Pasadena Texas, which enabled us to grow our facility in both size and capacity. We now operate 3 submerged arc furnaces and a rotary kiln. In April of 2016 we commissioned a pyro metallurgical refinery that upgrades our furnace metal. We now have branch offices in Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, and Brazil. In 2016 we incorporated Techemet China for the purposes of catalyst smelting and recycling. Over the years we have added the capacity to smelt industrial and petro chemical catalyst as well as certain electronic scrap and carbon based catalysts. Techemet can proudly claim to be one of the largest recyclers of Platinum Group Metals in the world processing millions of scrap catalytic converters per year.
Company information
1 location in Madrid, Spain
6 - 10 total employees
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Area Europa deals in:
  • Copper
  • Ferrous
  • Precious metals
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