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Gryphon Eco Solutions are a well established collection and scrap plastic trading business who specialise in the oil - gas and mining industry. Gryphon Eco Solutions understand the quality requirements by end user scrap plastic buyers!!! Gryphon Eco Solutions has registered offices in Hong Kong and Australia. We operate globally and can deal in all grades of scrap plastics specialising in Australia scrap plastic recycling , USA scrap plastic recycling, China scrap plastic recycling and Vietnam scrap plastic recycling markets. We think look for long term contracts and bring together the needs of both suppliers and end users in the scrap plastic industry. The aim of this page is to showcase our experience in all facets of the scrap plastic recycling industry. We are experts in the technical understanding of plastics and bringing together different cultures in the world to work together towards a satisfactory out in scrap plastic recycling trades. Our mission is to continue to be know as the worlds leading recycler of scrap plastics in the oil- gas and mining scrap plastic recycling sector. ​ Specialties ​ Plastic recycling, HDPE pipe recycling, HDPE pond liner recycling, Mine site recycling, oil and gas industry plastic recycling , Vietnam scrap plastic trading, PVC plastic recycling
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SIC 9999 -
1 location in Hong Kong, Hong Kong
6 - 10 total employees
1 verified employee of GRYPHON ECO SOLUTIONS LIMITED on Tradefox
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